Debating Day 24

On Friday, the 23rd of February, students from six different high schools from South Tyrol met at the Sozialwissenschaftliches Gymnasium in Bozen for this year's debating competition. 

Ariadne Simmerle (4ES), Eleonora Conte (4CS) and Gabriel Demetz (4CS) participated for our school in teams mixed with random participants from other schools .

The first three motions (topics) discussed were the following:

“Can war ever be justified if the effectiveness of non-violence is limited?”
“Sport stars have an obligation to be exemplars of good conduct.”

“Governments should introduce measures to tackle discrimination of vulnerable groups based on language”.

The final debate saw the two best teams from the first round compete against each other

over the assertion that “AI poses a threat to democracy through AI-powered disinformation”. Gabriel Demetz was in the winning team, while classmate Eleonora Conte came in second with her team.

All three students from Walther von der Vogelweide received an honourable mention from the jury. They were all able to shine due to their excellent language skills, their self-confidence and critical thinking abilities.

Congratulations to Ariadne, Eleonora and Gabriel!