Flensburg November 23

On Sunday, 12th November 2023, 18 students from 4 BS accompanied by Mr Hofer and Ms Rieder left for Flensburg to visit Duborg-Skolen, a Danish secondary school right on the German/Danish border. Especially at the beginning of our long trip we repeatedly heard the catch phrase: “Flensburg?! What are you doing there?” As we were inching closer to our destination people started to become genuinely interested in our enterprise and their reactions were always very positive.

On arrival everyone was welcomed by their hosts and went for a good night’s sleep. The first day students were introduced to the school and taken on a town walk by their hosts. 

On Tuesday we left for Aarhus in Denmark to visit the Aaros Art Museum. Unfortunately, the Duborg students had to sit an exam and so we travelled there with one of the Danish teachers by bus. The Museum is well worth a visit and we would really have liked to spend more time in the actual museum and looking around Aarhus. Despite the rough weather. Definitely worth another visit!

The following day all of us travelled to the West Coast of Denmark to the Vadehavscentret, a visitor centre and museum for the UNESCO World Heritage Site the Wadden Sea, an intertidal zone of the North Sea. Two very professional tour guides took us to the sea and showed us the tidal differences that can occur in the area, pointed out local wildlife and gave us the equipment to get some hands-on experience. Students were digging for worms and fishing for small sea creatures. We were given more insight into this unique coastal area in the excellent visitor centre, but again, had to leave too early. There was still a lot see and do at the centre.

In the evening students showed off their bowling and pool skills at a leisure centre and left us well impressed. Thursday was Project Day back at the school and on Friday, early morning, everyone was accompanied to the train station and it was time to say our goodbyes.

The journey back was nothing short of exciting and proved that 4 BS has team spirit, exceptional organizational skills and some very good runners. Train-travel-tested and approved! 

In April we will give the students from Flensburg a very warm welcome here in South Tyrol.